Send yourself and friends packing on myTab

Share the gift of travel

Send yourself and friends packing on myTab

With so many travel plans lined up for 2014 including study abroad, summer break and bucket wish list trips, the costs for flights and hotels can rack up fast. Melting your credit card (aka your parents account) during the next 12 months and beyond can turn even the chilliest of students into a financial frenzy.  There’s a new travel site that’s just launched called that’s come to save your bank balance from dipping. For the first time ever, it’ll be a revelation to say ‘put it on myTab’ so friends and family can chip in towards each other’s trips this year.


Naturally, there’s always Christmas gifting so you can see your fund grow immediately. Got a birthday coming up? Pals can gift you direct on myTab as a present which helps you manage your birthday budget by friends adding to your growing travel pot. Aunt Edna and Uncle Jim want to congratulate you on graduating so will add funds to your account. Your folks can regularly contribute cash to your fund, so they’re not maxed out on credit cards for your travel bug needs at the time of booking. You can also save cash regularly for all your trips and spend your fund on each travel excursion, choosing from thousands of flights and hotels.


So that takes care of your trips, right? But how about the travels you’re planning with friends this year? Well, with myTab, you can create group trips with Sarah, John, Amy and Richard, create team reminders to save and plan for the trip and add funds to your individual accounts. Isn’t it nice to know that you’ll not be a stressed team leader planning the trip, shelling out the cash for travels and trying to recoup it back from your pals (which we know never goes to plan)?!


Socially integrated, you sign up with your Facebook account, create multiple trips, save for all your travels and have everyone chip in towards your fund. When you’ve booked your trips, you can post on your Facebook wall with a "thank you for sending me away" status, so everyone knows their gifted cash was well used.


The best part is myTab’s Match myCash feature. The more that myTabbers are funding trip, the more power the myTab team has to negotiate exclusive deals for you so sit back and let myTab send you a deal, taking the power of crowd funding to a whole new stratosphere.  The company also takes care of PayPal transactions and if you’re short of cash at the time of booking, just top up the funds immediately through PayPal and book that flight or hotel instantly.


There’s no expiration date to use your travel funds so if you’re dying to go to the Olympics, Rio in 2016, you can save moolah regularly and before you know it, you’ll have gold medal worthy cash in your fund to get on that flight.

The best part? myTab says that ‘confirm’ action buttons are boring so they’ve called theirs ‘brilliant’ buttons. When you save cash, press the brilliant button and you’re good to go. The same for gifting, creating trips, booking and setting your vanity username if you want to make your profile public.


Put it on myTab’s never sounded so good and since myTab’s launch in the USA over two years ago, they’ve seen thousands of students use their site to gift, save, plan, share and book travels.

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